Thank you Cazenove!

It’s always nice to get a commission you really enjoy but even nicer to get a lovely article about it in the company’s publication.

Thank you Cazenove, London.

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Britannia 2 for website

Hello Sailor!

P&O Britannia Artist Inauguration Day.

And a lovely day was had by all!

What a fun day. I was so pleased to see the pieces in situ and I have to say they did look beautiful (hat’s off too, to those unsung heroes – the framers).

The ship was huge – The Ivory Suite was on the 16th deck!

So much to see and still leave time to eat….

Britannia 2 for website

britannia for website

britannia 3 for website
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Paper Piece Commission

My 15 Minutes of Fame?

I have been lucky enough to have been included into the incredible Britannia cruise ship’s £1million Art collection – I had no idea what an incredible ship this is until I saw all the news coverage.

But you may have to get married to see my pieces – they are in The Wedding Chapel!

‘What do artists Johnny Bull, Gill Varle, Richard Fox, Sarah Caswell, Claire Burke and Tracey Bush have in common?

The answer is that they will all have their work exhibited on board Britannia when the ship launches in March 2015. Work by each of the talented British artists will appear in Britannia’s 8,000 piece collection; compiled by Art Consultant Tom Tempest-Radford and set to be the most valuable moveable art exhibition in the industry’.

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Paper Piece Commission

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Sharing the Love…

Paper Sculpture Course coming soon.

I have decided to share my secrets!


A bit scary since I have developed my style and techniques over a number of years, but I think it is time to let some new talent take what I have discovered and run with it.

I believe this medium has a long way to go and I would be delighted to see it develop in unexpected directions.

So, I am putting together an online course – it will be a combination of pdf instruction pages and instructional videos (with online access or sent as USB drives).

Let me know what you think or what you might want from this kind of course.

papaer workshops

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White Happy Wall Tweaking 2


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Letting In The World!

I had to move to Brighton from London – not only because of the sea, but because they have amazing events and festivals throughout the year.

My first house in Brighton was opened up to the public for The November Artist Open House with my paper pieces and 14 guest artists on display – many who have now become close friends.

Stressful, with mucho hole filling after all the picture hooks were removed, but entirely fantastic!


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72 britannia TV

A Wedding Chapel on a Ferry??

I was quietly surprised when I was asked to create 5 pieces for a wedding chapel on a P&O ship sometime in 2014.

Now, my experience of P&O, growing up, was the Dover To Calais ferry – “Shotgun wedding?!’ I thought.

I guessed that this new ship was a little bigger than that so made five beautiful pieces and delivered them to the art consultant who had commissioned them well within the deadline – then I saw the news and nearly fell off my chair!

I had no idea that Britannia was such an amazing ship and I am very proud and grateful to have been included in this collection.

Thank you P&O and Tom & Tessa who found me!

72 britannia TV


‘Due to be launched in March 2015, Britannia will have a gross tonnage of 141,000 and will measure 329.8 metres (1,082 feet) in length. Looking for the computer generated graphics that have been released she is going to have a more contemporary feeling, building on the best features of existing P&O Cruises vessels with new and innovative features.

The art collection, valued at many millions of Pounds, will reflect the fresh new interior designs on Britannia. The intention is to give the vessel the feeling of a luxury hotel’.

 ‘Pieces ranging from paintings and bronze sculptures to ceramics and paper wall reliefs have been created by a wide variety of artists 

Most of the artists are women, a factor which art consultant Tom Tempest-Radford – who has compiled the collection in conjunction with Britannia’s designers Richmond International – credits with bringing a different feel to the ship. 

“Women are better at surfaces and textures and Britannia has a huge variety of really crafted materials that create an incredible depth of flavour,” he said.’